R. E. Williams Construction Services Company is an Arlington based design/build and remodeling company. Our background experience is forged in the new residential construction market of the seventies. With the changes that have evolved throughout the construction industry during the last thirty years, we have been exposed to a variety of projects in the residential market including new home construction, additions and interior remodeling of all types.  Recently, we have made the decision to focus more closely on custom kitchen and bathroom remodeling. With in house employees performing a more extensive portion of the overall scope of work, we are better able to control each project throughout the course of construction.

The success of any business relationship is largely based on good communications between the involved parties.Our approach to all construction projects, therefore, proceeds on a very methodical path from start through project completion.

We can work with your architects design or we will be happy to provide you with the construction documents required for your project.Our services take a customer through a logical sequence of steps that allows the customer to control the design and cost of their proposed project
Pre-contract procedure
  • Initial meeting determines the preliminary scope of job and allows us time to take the necessary measurements for the required preliminary design work.
  • During the second meeting, we present our design ideas and establish the preliminary budget.Since most customers have limited knowledge of what to expect for the cost involved in a specific project, the idea here is to create a starting point from which further decisions can be made.
  • If the customer should decide to proceed with the process, customer signs letter agreement and makes pre-contract deposit. Based on the amount of time we must invest with each of our customers, it is important at this point for us to know whether our customer is serious. Additionally, it is important that the customer has
    established a reasonable expectation that they are going to proceed with the project, are comfortable with our approach and checked out our performance history and references.  This pre-contract deposit will be applied against the final contract should the customer decide to proceed with the project.
  • During subsequent meetings we continue to modify our design and cost parameters until the customer is satisfied with the project scope and layout. The customer may also start selection of finish products, materials and color schemes.  Should the customer desire, we can introduce them to our contract interior designer for additional help.
  • The final meeting includes presentation of final plans, specifications and     contract.  If customer agrees, all documents are signed and project is scheduled to begin.
Post-contract procedure
  • Upon signing of the contract and receipt of customer's initial down payment we schedule a production meeting with the customer to further communicate just how the project will proceed and what to expect during construction.If required, at this time we also present a material list that further details make, model, color and type of products being used; and a production schedule that shows a day-by-day projected breakdown of when each phase of the project will be completed. Permits are applied for from the City and contractor registers project with the State.
  • We pride ourselves with effective customer-contractor communications during the construction phase.  The need for this increases as the project nears completion, so we schedule a pre-completion walk through that gives the customer and contractor an opportunity to more closely inspect and discuss all items of the project remaining to be completed to help eliminate unnecessary delays or call-backs.
  • R. E. Williams Construction Services Company also provides a final cleaning service to make all areas affected during construction ready for occupancy.Thirty days after completion we schedule a follow-up walk through with the customer to make any additional touch ups or adjustments that may be required.
  • All construction projects are accomplished on a fixed price basis.  Our warranty provides a one (1) year guarantee on all labor.All material,equipment and fixture warranties are passed on through to the benefit of the customer.   We also give a ten-year warranty on all structural work.
  • As you can see, R. E. Williams Construction Services Company is capable of tailoring our programs to the needs of our customers, not the other way around, as is many times the case.  With over 80% of our work coming from referrals from previously satisfied customers, we feel this approach has proven to be the most effective.
About Ron Williams
  • 1973 Graduate of Texas Tech University with BBA in Management.
  • Second-generation building contractor from family of building contractors.
  • Custom homebuilder and developer in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex. Built over 100 custom homes during the 1970’s and early 1980’s.Continue to build custom homes on contract basis.
  • Custom commercial construction projects with notable projects including Presbyterian Children’s School, Main Street Clock Tower Professional Building, Copart Corporate Offices of Dallas, and participation in West End Historic Renovations in Downtown Dallas during the early 1980’s.
  • National commercial development experience in 13 different states with exposure to all four current governing building codes.  At one time in late 1990’s, carried General Contracting Licenses in California, New Mexico, Florida, Virginia and West Virginia and was registered to conduct business in six additional states.
  • Custom residential remodeling contractor in Arlington since 1981 with total projects completed to date over fifteen million dollars. This is what I enjoy the most and from which I get the most satisfaction. It allows me to use my past knowledge and experience and apply it in a variety of ways, as it seems that no two projects are exactly alike.  That’s what makes it so fun! It’s always challenging and you get to see the immediate results of your efforts.
Thirty-three years in the local construction industry has allowed us to establish lasting relationships with sub-contractors and suppliers. Most of our contractor associates are small owner managed operations, which means that we know who is going to be on the job to perform the individual tasks required.  These relationships allow us to maximize our strengths.  The end result of this team effort is customer satisfaction... quality performance, timely completion, within budgetary guidelines!

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